There are few things better than receiving gifts. Unfortunately, there are some times when the choices are not exactly the right ones for us. This turns the whole situation into an awards thanks for something we don’t really need or like, it can be even worse, when we are the ones who gave the faulty gift.

In order to avoid these situations, there is a solution, giving a Vanilla visa gift card online gambling. This will allow our guests to have several hours of guaranteed entertainment. The best thing is that they’ll be able to win money without having to risk their own. It’s a very profitable gift.

After all, these prepaid cards are loaded with money, and can be used as any normal debit card. All they need to do is activate the card and load it with the amount you want to give, and you are set to go!

How do you use a Visa gift card in an Online Casino?

Gift card are very easy to use and they can be used as any other means of payment in almost any place, both in person or online. But you might be wondering how to use Visa debits gift card in our favorite gambling site?

  1. Register in the casino: Once we have chosen the casino in which we will make the investment, we only have to register in the page with all the personal data that will be requested.
  2. Make the deposit: We can use the total amount that we have received, or only a part of it and then enjoy it later. The money can be used in this Casino, in another one, or in any other store. The best thing is that this type of deposit is usuallty instantaneous.
  3. Play: Once the page accepts the deposit, we are ready to enjoy our favorite games. We must not forget that it is a good idea to check that the casino link starts with HTTPS, before entering our data. This type of pages are the most secure and safe when handling our personal information and money.

Why this card might not work sometimes?

Imagine the disappointment we might find our self if our Visa gift card is not working! There can be a few different reasons, but sometimes, the sites simply do not support this type of payments, although these are the least of the cases.

There is another common problem where you can’t use visa gift card online. It may be that, at the moment of purchase, the cashier who gave it to us, did not associate the plastic with the name and personal address of the person who was going to use it. Errors in this association or simply forgetting it, makes the card unable to be used.

This is a simple security process that those who accept this gift card as a form of payment end up complaining about. Fortunately, if the casino recognizes our card and the deposit is accepted, the only thing left to do is to play. So, before despairing to the cry of “My Visa gift card wont work!”, we have to check that it is not a problem of registration of the cardholder’s data.

How to use the money on my card

It is important to keep in mind that Vanilla Visa cards might have deposit limits. So, it is very likely that, if we want to spend many hours playing in our favorite casino, we will have to resort to more than one deposit, in order not to be left with the desire.

Another point that requires our attention is that, when playing with this plastic, we will not have the option to withdraw the money we may have won. This is because it is not connected to any other card, either debit or credit, with a bank or institution. Therefore, we will not have the possibility of transferring the proceeds.

But it is not all bad. It is one of the few Gift Cards that has no commissions for deposits and movements made. Even less in online casinos.

Now we know. As much if we have to give, as if we receive a Vanilla Visa Gif Card, the online casino is a good space to use it. It will be a gift invested in fun and leisure to disconnect from everyday life.