Big laydown is an act, which keeps poker tournament player survive. Keeping your opponent away skillfully or stopping your opponent from making you feel like a total fool, when you are sitting on saddle point and are forced to fold the best hand instead of deciding to make a call and win the pot.

Think about risk

While looking at the raise or big bet or what the pot has to offer needs player to assess correct risks or odds and then make a call. Your total tournament career is there waiting to be snatched, so the decision of this hand is much bigger than the results. You will not possibly win the tournament just by taking right decision regardless of the pot value just now because in case you got eliminated then you will not get another chance at all.

In such moments, majority of players seem unaware of the point that preserving chips is crucial for tournament success.  This does not mean you need to play fearfully. Wrong! Never play terrified poker but think about how to navigate through this crucial situation and do this keeping in focus the risk element versus reward size. Never be afraid to make a decision after assessing the worthiness of the prize.

Are smart laydowns disappearing?

According to some poker players, smart laydown is disappearing. Online players enjoying on situs poker online terpopuler appear to be waning from smart laydowns. If in an online tournament they make a call and lose then they are back in action within seconds. Just find another online tourney and get ready to start and buy-in.

In live casino, the environment is different. One bad call and player can find himself eliminated. Walking from the table of the tournament area seems meek and full of embarrassment. Expert players suggest that wins and losses possess same value. Many players spend a lot of time finding ways to increase their earnings and decrease their losses

Making great laydown is difficult

Deciding to call or fold with insufficient information and your proficiency to read opponent is tough. Errors are natural here, which happens to savvy players, too. In case you made bad decision move to next hand but promising never to let this to materialize again is equivalent to taking an initial step towards ‘calling station’. You can bleed out in the process of calling too many hands rather than folding.

Danger signs

Anytime your opponent makes small raise means, he is looking for your call. Usually, check-raise foretells wither big hand, semi-bluff or a draw hand. Bluff frequency will depend on your chip stack, game phase, and your closeness to the tourney’s pay ladder.

Chip preservation is part of tournament poker, which is crucial for making good laydowns.