Thanks to their simple game rules and high winning potential, websites offering gambling with crypto currency is becoming more popular than ever. Sometimes, it all seems to be as easy as doing your research to find a ‘safe’ website, sign in and start playing. You might have heard from the ‘experts’ in the field that the possibility to win big depends on your decision to roll the dice high or low. And this indeed seems to be a quite an easy thing to do. However, this apparently very simple game play hides the truth that it needs some strategy and knowledge of the game to make the right decision. This is more important when you are playing with crypto currencies like bitcoins or etehreum.

Understanding the Components

If you choose to play dice among the other forms of games, then there are certain things for you to understand. By and large, there are two components to play ethereum gambling like a pro. The first important aspect of the game is selection of bets. Decide on how you should bet. So far ethereum of bitcoin dice is concerned; you have to choose between two options: low or high.The next important aspect is to decide on how long you want to play the games. When it comes to boiling down to this question, your money remains one of the most significant tools. However, there are a few strategies that might make winning easy.

The First Strategy

It’s a smart thing to make no change in the betting amount in the beginning. Start playing with the automated betting amount. Next, you can set the chance to 49.5%. Later, you can change your betting amount. But optimally, consider a low amount to be on the safe side. Also, while starting the game, consider setting the limit number of roll to no more than 30. When it comes to the second game, limit to 20 rolls. When trying for the third game, limit the number of rolls to 10.  Let it take rest for some time before continuing. You can also think of changing the seed. Just go to the Account type, from there, go to the “Provably fair” option. From there you can change the seed.

Second Strategy That Works

When it comes to thinking of a second strategy, you can alter the chance to 51%-52%. This will help you to win bigger. However, this can be a bit risky strategy. You might end up receiving lesser profit than the amount that you have wagered. Nevertheless, it assures a better winning chance. The trick is- don’t be hungry for winning. Even if it gives you fantastic results, try not to gamble for more than 3 times at a go with this strategy.

A Bonus Strategy

A gambler can never have too many strategies to make it big in ethereum gambling. That being said, you might enjoy getting another bonus strategy. However, things can get extremely risky with this game plan. Just enhance your set chance to as high as 80% -90%. Also, increase your wagered amount. Also, limit the numbers of roll to 40, or lower. It takes a lot of time to master this strategy. Hence, you need to extremely patient.