In principle, sports betting works to the credo of using small efforts for big gains. As simple as the process seems to be – just predict the outcome of a game right and cap off the day with the bounty. However, wagering is a highly nuanced activity involving many subtleties that can impact the overall experience. We are uncovering such intricacies and elaborating few proven sports betting strategies to help you work your way up. After all, your money is on the line.

Stick to one Game:

It is only human to fall prey to the lure of betting on multiple games simultaneously. The reason being, games are too many and rewards are too lucrative to hold back. However, the ploy can lead to a downward spiral because you are basically wagering at the drop of the hat, without proper planning or game awareness. Contrarily, if you stick to one game, you are giving yourself a realistic chance to know it inside out and reduce the match up research time and effort drastically. The strategy translates to informed bets, which is integral to wagering gains.

Limit your bets:

Whether you are a low-stakes casual bettor or a professional one with a seven-digit bankroll, limiting your bets is imperative for taking betting to the other level. The strategy has a rational foundation to it, which boils down to the uncertainty that betting brings in. Though betting is a low risk yet high yield proposition, the bettor is prone to lengthy losing streaks that take a toll on his bankroll and the very motivation to bet. The ideal betting amount should be anywhere between 5 to 10% of the bankroll for an average bettor, while high fliers can stretch it to about 20%. This will hedge you against heavy losses and sustain your wagering frenzy over time.

Research the players:

The outcome of any contest – be it an individual sport or a team game – invariably depends on the performance of the players. So, you have to step into the role of a researcher to find out everything on players and team compositions. Suppose, your chosen sport is cricket, research the form, fitness, adaptability and skills of each individual player who will feature in the contest. This is the ideal way to add nuance to your online betting decisions. Putting this strategy in motion is easy as well, thanks to the diverse, easily accessible online resources.

Employ Software for planning:

If planning is not your cup of tea, technology comes across as the saviour. A number of specialized software in the market can guide you to advanced strategies in efficient and convenient ways. Typically, sports betting software factors in an extensive data to deliver stats and advanced trends, which can be easily accessed by just typing in the variables. Moreover, you can capitalize on various wagering systems to be in the know of your betting patterns.

Other proven strategies:

Besides the above-mentioned strategies, there are few more that cannot be undermined.

  • Choose the sports book wisely
  • Participate in pre-bets
  • Factor in the weather conditions
  • Bet against the public
  • Don’t write off the underdog