You must surely already be familiar with online casinos and their magnificent games and hours of thrills and entertainment. But do you know the amount of easy and convenient ways to make your payment on these sites?

You might already know the traditional debit or credit cards, online wallets, bank transfers and deposits, and even cryptocurrencies! But you might have missed one of the last and most straightforward methods to date: Visa Gift Cards, or, as we like to call them, the best possible gift you can make to a loved one or yourself.

This is thank this presents versatility. Once you receive it, you deposit the amount of cash you wish to put in it, and then you can use it however you like, even on your favorite online casino sites! Safest Betting sites have chosen the top five online casinos that offer this payment method as an option for all their users to enjoy.

Benefits of gambling with your Visa Gift Card

There is no better feeling than gambling, knowing that, even if you lose, you won’t put your whole life savings at risk. And, if you are not comfortable giving your financial data to the site, you need to, since this method only requires you to enter the information of the Visa Gift Card.

It’s also perfect for setting spending limits. Since these cards require you previously charge them with money, you’ll make sure you never exceed your spending limit. Online gambling can be dangerous whenever you lose yourself in the moment too much, but this method is the perfect solution to that possible problem!

They are accepted by most online sites too. Many casino sites offer various bonuses and gifts to encourage the use of this method. All you need to remember is to activate your Visa Gift Card before trying to use it on an online site. If you skip this step, it’s almost certainly the card will be rejected.

You can get yourself one of these cards in many big and small businesses all over the country or ask for one online. As you might already guess, it is an excellent choice if you want to keep some privacy when gambling or expending your money.

They can also be, as the name suggests, a great gift option to make to our friends and loved ones. It won’t be like just any other gift; you’ll be giving them the chance to expend many hours of fun and adrenaline wherever they might want to use it.

The best online casino site to use your Visa Gift Card

You should never forget to check the basic security rules whenever picking a new casino site. But, if you want a trustworthy option, these five casinos are some of the many sites that comply with all the legal and safety requirements to be an excellent option for any user. Take notes, and you might find your following favorite casino site:

  1. BetUs: The deposit limit with this payment method goes from a minimum $10 to a maximum of $2499. But that’s not all, and they also offer a 125% deposit bonus of up to $2500.
  2. Las Atlantis: Even though it’s the second on the list, the limits in this one is smaller, going from $30 to $1000, but the deposit bonus is pretty tempting, with a 280%, it can go up to $14000.
  3. Wild Casino: With a deposit limit of $30 to $1000, this site offers a bonus of 100% up to $5000.
  4. El Royale Casino: they’ll allow you to deposit from $30 to $1000, but they’ll award you with a 250% deposit bonus, up to $12500.
  5. BetOnline: The limit goes from $25 to $5000, and a 100% bonus up to $1000. 

As you can see, this payment method is a very tempting offer. And keep in mind that, even if you run out of credit, you can always use another method, though we remind you to keep track of your spending limit. If you have one of these great gift cards, remember you can always enjoy them on your favorite online casino site and make more money out of them!